Instant Plug-in Privacy for

the Connected Home.

Privacy in the digital age doesn’t really exist. We’re bringing it back.


Akita uses military-grade security protection that’s been retrofitted for homes.

Akita scans your network for any unusual activity and then immediately shuts it down. 

 All-the-while letting you know an attempt was made to invade your privacy.

You don’t have to completely

disconnect to get a bit of privacy.

But they’re all pretty much open. 

You don’t leave the front door open.

So why is your smart home network not monitored?

Smart Lights

Smart Locks

WiFi / Security Cameras

Smart Tv

Small Device, Massive Protection

Works Worldwide

Stop wondering how compromised your privacy is, start being secure.

Akita stays alert 24/7, ensuring nothing suspicious goes on, even when you're sleeping or away.

Corporate Level Security

Always On

Hackers don’t care where you are in the world, so we’ve got your back no matter where you live.

There’s no such thing as too secure. Akita regularly updates to stay on the cutting edge.


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